How to Build a Wooden Decking – Guide & Tips

Building a wooden decking can be a big job. But when you have all the tools you need and understand what you need to do, the job will be a little simpler.


Mann baut eine HolzterrasseThe first thing you will need to do is plan for your decking. You will want to check into what permits you may need or if there are any regulations for building a decking. You will also want to determine the size and location of the decking you want to build. After you know the size, you will be able to determine how much lumber you will need to purchase.

Gather Tools and Materials

There are a variety of tools and materials that will be needed for building a wooden decking. The tools that will be needed are: power drill, power auger, power planer, post hole digger, tape measure, level, hammer, protective eyewear, and clamps. The materials that will be needed are: string, deck boards, concrete forms, wooden stakes, spray paint, J-bolts, screws, anchor plates, corner brackets, joist hangers, and concrete.

Mark the Location

You will want to use the wooden stakes to mark the corners of the deck and attach string to the stakes in order to find the midpoints of the deck. This will be done by measuring from one corner to the next corner on the same side and finding the center. This should be done on each side. Once you have the four corners and midpoints located, you will use the spray paint to mark the ground for each of the corners and midpoints. This is where the supports for the deck will be.

Dig Holes

The stakes and strings can be removed in order to dig the holes needed for the supports. Use the power auger to dig holes that are 15 inches deep. Once the hole has been dug with the auger, any additional dirt left in the hole should be cleaned out with the post hole digger.

Place the Concrete Forms

The forms should be put into the hole so the concrete can be poured. Pay attention to whether the ground is level or if it slopes away from the house. If there is a slope to the ground, the holes that are lower will need to have the forms built up above the ground. This can be done by cutting and adding an extra portion of a form to the top of the forms in the lower holes.

Pour the Concrete

A batch of concrete should be mixed and shoveled into each of the forms. The forms should be filled to the top and leveled off. This can be done with an extra wooden stake. Before the concrete fully cures, a j-bolt should be put into the wet concrete with a portion of it sticking out. This will be used to attach the deck to the support in a later step.

Begin Framing the Deck

Start by making the perimeter of the deck along with the center beam. Begin cutting several boards to the length you will need by measuring twice and cutting once. Screw two pieces of lumber together in order to make a double thick perimeter. Once the boards are screwed together, nail on steel brackets at the seam to give extra support.

Set up the Perimeter Boards

The perimeter boards should be placed onto anchor plates and then set onto the concrete supports. The anchor plates will later be used to secure the deck in place. Once the perimeter boards are in place, they should be secured together by nailing on corner brackets.

Finish Framing the Deck

Steel joist hangers should be installed at 16 inch intervals along the inside of the perimeter boards. Treated joists should then be set into the joist hangers and nailed in.

Attach Deck Boards

Once all of the floor joists have been nailed in, it is time to attach the deck boards. You will want to start by taking the first deck board and square it up to the edges of the deck. Then attach the deck board to the floor joists using composite deck screws. Continue to screw each of the deck boards on, but keep a 1/4″ gap between each of the boards and stagger the seams of the cut boards. This will not only make the deck look better, but will more importantly keep it more structurally sound.

Finish the Deck

After all of the deck boards have been screwed on, the perimeter boards of the deck need to be fastened to the cement supports. This will be done by nailing the anchor brackets to the wood and using bolts to fasten the anchor brackets to the supports.

After all of the work of building a wooden decking is complete, it is nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy it.